• In much of my work the inspiration comes from SOMETHING I am cogitating on or struggling to understand or some fantasy, experience, or dream I want to deal with or share.  In this particular case, the inspiration was ANGER, internal and external.  What is it and how do I deal with it; how do I avoid continuing to nurture it somehow in my mind and relationships?  This work was a really painful yet rewarding experience.  It afforded fertile ground for my own internal work.

    For example, when starting to analyze the facial expression for anger which is so recognizable to us all, I thought “well I will just Google anger images and take my pick”.  It’s amazing to me that after considerable effort I only had one blurred image of a guy hitting a Canadian Mounty to show for it.  What I thought this pointed out is that anger, as a harsh reactive facial expression, doesn’t last very long and the anger we are plagued with is a persistent sticky residue of the unwanted circumstance.

    My wife and I tried taking photos of each other’s angry expressions but mostly ended up just laughing.  This laughter, I think, later inspired the mirror in the piece; seeing the anger on ones own face shows how ugly and absurd anger really is.

    There are times in a painting or sculpture when I can’t imagine what I am going to do with it or why I even started it in the first place, not unlike facets of my life

    Some parts are just plain failures, and therefore nothing to do.  Often what looked like a failure opens a portal, not easily squeezed through, but leading into a new arena or stage supporting the saga of life.  In these previous two photos you can see me as an easily movable addition to the image I wanted to express.

    And my ever-patient wife in a hands on assist.

    I hope this piece COMMUNICATES SOMETHING to you that is useful in your struggles with this facet of life.