Stack Art


    My wife and I saw our first stack art display in Vancouver, BC.

     A fellow was selling pictures of the pieces he was creating using an excellent collection of stones along the waterfront.
    Basically you just stack stones up until you like them, admire them for a while, until finally they fall over,
    or you knock them over when you are about to leave and don’t want them to fall
    on someone or disturb the natural beauty of them just lying there.

    Here are a few of mine.  CAUTION: be aware that if you try this art form it almost certainly will become an addiction.
    This piece was done on Vancouver Island along with many others I did just for the novelty of it.
    Little did I know how much this new sculpturing form would grab me.

    Our backyard where I keep a collection of stones just for this purpose

    This and the following two are in Monterey CA just down the coast from us

    Moving South

    Further down the coast, on the Sea Of Cortez in Baja California.  This one is approximately six feet tall.
    I was in an isolated spot, so I left the stack upright overnight.

    The next morning just as the sun was rising I was able to grab my camera, exclude the major part of the sun,
    and capture the reflections off the water as well as the piece itself (as they say in real-estate “location, location, location”)

    I was thinking that maybe longitude might have some bearing on the overall quality
    of this natural art so I tested my idea in Antarctica

    Never could decide — what do you think?