Zen Harmony

  • “Zen Harmony” started as a vision of a three dimensional-like representation of the rather comma-like shape of the yin yang symbol. The white marble portion cradles the black stone.  For me, the white represents the more wholesome, fundamentally mothering and accepting side of human nature.  In this sculpture the white is the most basic pictorial element of the concept that is hopefully communicated in “Zen Harmony”.  The black soapstone portion represents, in our typical perspective of life, the less desirable side.

    The base stone is basalt.  It is a remnant from another piece, “Basalt Enshrined”. I chose it for the base because it seemed perfect to hold and cradle, for the planet, the human perspective represented in the black and white pieces.

    I chose marble and soapstone not only for their symbolic colors but because they both are impermanent (as is everything, according to the Buddha).  The soapstone ages relatively quickly becoming a light green, the marble somewhat slower becoming a “chalky-white”. Even for the apparently stable yet impermanent basalt, the marks of its impermanence are a major part of its charm.

    My intention is to watch this aging process proceed outside my kitchen window, and it most likely will not be completed before I am… (darn).